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Page 2 of 27: Four then and now views of Lower High Street in Blenheim, viewed from Market Place (the two top pictures belong with page 1). 1. Lower High Street taken in 1867 during one of the numerous floods which plagued Blenheim in the early days. Ship masts can be seen in the distance tied up at Symon's Quay wharf, along with ship owner, Nathaniel Edwards, warehouse at the end of the street. 2. Lower High Street taken in 1869. Once again the street is flooded, not quite so high this time. Men stand on the footpaths, just out of the water. The man on the left has trousers wet to his thighs, showing how deep the water is. Ship sails on the ketch, Falcon, can be seen at the end of the street at Symons Quay wharf, earlier known as Wynen's Wharf. A business "....L & Furnishing, [Iro]nmongers ...irs & wheelwrights", is on the left and "........ R.W. Kitch.. Seedsm...." is on the right. T. Warner, tailor, is in the distance on the right hand side. [see Related for a larger, closer view of this photograph]. 3. Lower High Street taken in 1872, in much the same place as number 2, but showing a little more of the corner with Market Place. This time it is not in flood. The ironmonger's shop is on the left, it possibly says, "General & Furnishing, Ironmongers", and the seed shop is on the right. Its sign is completely unreadable. 4. This is the now view, undated, probably taken in the 1980s, and taken on the same corner as number 3. Whitcoulls is on the right hand corner and McMurtry Real Estate is further down the street where the seed shop was. The Farmers Co-operative store, their Queen Street building burnt down in 1979 and they moved to Market Place after that, has taken over the whole corner on the left hand side where the ironmongers was. Part of the 'boulder banks' can be seen in front of the Farmers.
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