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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
0000.900.0031 Photograph Baillie, Ronaldson & Stowe      
0000.900.0169 Photograph Mounted Rifles Sports     1903
0000.900.1051 Photograph Charles Bigg Wither Brayshaw, Norman H.   copied 1960s
0000.900.1052 Photograph Cyrus Goulter Brayshaw, Norman H.   copied 1959
0000.900.1053 Photograph Mr John Gibson      
0000.900.1054 Photograph Seymour family.      
0000.900.1055 Photograph Henry Godfrey Gouland Brayshaw, Norman H.   copied 1960s
0000.900.1056 Photograph Mr Henry Redwood Brayshaw, Norman H.   copied 1960s
0000.900.1057 Photograph Mr Thomas Redwood Macey, William Henry    
0000.900.1059 Photograph Mr Isaac Gifford, Macey, William Henry    
0000.900.1060 Photograph Honourable Doctor Thomas Renwick,   55 & 56 Baker Street, London. W. about 1875
0000.900.1061 Photograph Mrs Isaac Gifford McCusker, Arthur    
0000.900.1062 Photograph Mrs Isaac Gifford and five generations      
0000.900.1064 Photograph Andrew James Richmond Brayshaw, Norman Henry   copied 1960s
0000.900.1065 Photograph John Newman McCusker, Arthur    
0000.900.1066 Photograph Dr. Francis Vickerman McCusker, Arthur    
0000.900.1067 Photograph William Adams.      
0000.900.1069 Photograph Joseph Ward, surveyor Isaacs Nelson  
0000.900.1070 Photograph Mrs Joseph Ward, of Brookby Isaacs Nelson  
0000.900.1071 Photograph Mr Thomas Carter, third superintendant of Marlborough.     Copied 1960s
0000.900.1072 Photograph Mr George Fairhall     copied 1961
0000.900.1073 Photograph Mr Cyrus Goulter      
0000.900.1074 Photograph Mrs Helen McRae      
0000.900.1075 Photograph Mr Henry Redwood (senior)      
1996.053.0003 Photograph Fred Gane's Wedding.     1905
1999.233.0013 Photograph George Coward     1860s
2000.139.0001 Photograph Mr. Adam Jackson      
2000.139.0002 Photograph Mrs. Adam Jackson      
2009.135.0026 Photograph Isaac Aroa (Airey)      
2009.135.0027 Photograph Sarah Aroa (Airey)      
2009.135.0028 Photograph Sarah Aroa (Airey) with her two year old grandaughter, Margaret Broughan.     about 1880
2009.135.0029 Photograph Broughan family. McCusker, Arthur Blenheim  
2011.050.0001 Documents John Atwood, 1813-1886      
2011.056.0001 Documents John Barnes      

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