Pioneer Portraits
Cyrus Goulter

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Collection MHS (unaccessioned) Photographs
Photographer Brayshaw, Norman H.
Description Copy of a photograph of Cyrus Goulter, early setler and farmer.

Arrived in New Zealand in 1842 on the ship Fyfeshire and lived at Hawkesbury. He died in 1891

Taken from a Langley Dale photograph in 1959.

Label for Pioneer Portraits exhibition 2011:
Cyrus Goulter

[To the Editor of the Express.] Sir,- In your issue of the 30th, in your account of the Agricultural Show, you say- " Mr. Cyrus Goulter, as some reward for the 4000 which we are informed he has spent in improving his breeds of sheep," etc, etc. I do not know where you got your information, as it did not come from me or mine, nor would I wish it to be so supposed, even though it were true. Which it scarcely is.- Yours, etc. Cyrus Goulter. Hawkesbury, Oct. 31. 1845
Marlborough Express, 4 November 1884

Cyrus Goulter

The Commissionership. - A rumour is being sedulously circulated to the effect that Mr. Goulter is the sole applicant for the office of Commissioner of Crown Lands pro tem. We are in a position to state however that numerous applications have been made, but if the Government should see fit to give it to Mr. Goulter it will certainly not be at his own solicitation, since he has not applied for it directly or indirectly. Probably no one is more worthy of the office.
Marlborough Express, March 19, 1873
Year Range from 1870
Year range to 1891
Object ID 0000.900.1052
Object Name Photograph
People Goulter, Cyrus
Title Cyrus Goulter
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