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Collection Stacey
Photographer Various
Description One small black photograph album with "Photographs" written on the front cover. This is a Fred Stacey album. Album has 63 photographs, some are loose and two have several negatives behind them, some have descriptions and/or names on them. The page and photograph numbers below are the same as the captions on the images.

Loose with the album are two envelopes; one has 44 snapshots, some with "The Den" on the back, plus 2 laser prints; the other has one laser print and 109 photographs. Both envelopes have notes on both the fronts and the backs of them, made by a child of Fred Stacey [see family tree at back of book]. After careful sorting out, there is no reason to keep the two lots separate, but they will be catalogued individually.

Images are in the same order as the descriptions below and captioned with catalogue number-photograph number.

Page-Photograph (image number)
1-1 (1) scene of a waterfall (loose ).

1-2 (2) scene of a town taken from a hill top with river in the distance.

2-1 (3) unknown town view.

2-2 (4) Mrs. Dawler "Bob" and Mr. Dawler and "Dick" "238" - two ladies and a man. [What the number means is unknown and Bob appears to be the younger lady, surname unknown].

3-1 (5) Taken at the same place and same time as 2-2. "The Gang". Baily "Pep" "Bob" "Mick" Bert and whiskey ("Chas" taking photo). There are only 5 people in the photograph. The last person appears to be holding a small dog, presumably "Whiskey". The person named "Bob' is the same girl that is in the centre in photograph 2-2.

3-2 (6) A working man on horseback with three dogs at the horse's feet.

5-1 (7) Two chamois goats, possibly dead.

5-2 (8) Horses in a paddock.

7-1 (9) view of a small settlement in the distance taken from a hill top.

7-2 (10) Man in the bush with a gun and a chamois goat.

8-1 (11) Man with a gun on horseback, standing in the middle of a stream out in the bush. [NOTE: there is a negative behind this photograph but it is not of the same photograph. The negative is of two dogs sitting behind a commemorative shield, two trophies and what looks like a teapot on a tray, probably another type of trophy.]

10-1 (12) view from high on a hill looking down a steep gully with a stream at the bottom.

10-2 (13) Man holding a sitting horse with other horses amongst the pine trees.

12-1 (14) Man standing in a bush clearing holding two saddle horses.

14-1 (15) A river below a steep cliff with a track on one bank.

15-1 (16) Snow capped mountains in the distance and trees and hills in the foreground.

16-1 (17) One man sitting with another man sitting on his shoulders. They are on the verandah of an old back type building. "The Den", High Street, Blenheim is stamped on the back.

20-1 (18) Scene down a valley with a saddle horse in the foreground.

20-2 (19) A packhorse and two dogs on a track in the bush.

21-1 (20) Man holding a tall walking staff with several dogs at his feet.

21-2 (21) Scene of a settlement taken from across a valley. One of the buildings has a name on the roof.

22-1 (22) Roofed grandstand.

23-1 (23) well-dressed man with a walking stick standing in the middle of the road with houses and a water tank for a train in the background.

23-2 (24) Young man reading a book while sitting on a lying-down horse.

24-1 (25) Two young men with dogs in a wooded clearing with wood they have gathered for sawing on sawhorses.

25-1 (26) Hills and valleys.

25-2 (27) Sheep yards and poplar trees taken from a distance. "The Den", High Street, Blenheim is stamped on the back.

26-1(28) A river and hills taken from a distance.

27-1 (29) A recently cleared paddock with piles of wood and trees.

28-1 (30) Cattle in a paddock with poplar trees. [NOTE: there are three negatives behind this photograph which are of different photographs. One is of a dog with the shadow of a man in the foreground. Another is of two sheep standing in a sheep pen. The other is of what looks like a gravel crushing plant.].

28-2 (31) Clydesdale horse being held by a man.

30-1 (32) A bush camp showing a tent and a man with a bucket.

32-1 (33) A farm in a valley, possibly in the Awatere where Fred Stacey worked.

32-2 (34) A strung bridge across a large river [looks like the first Limestone bridge see 2011.006.0127].

33-1 (35) Five dogs in a paddock.

33-2 (36) Three dogs tied to their bush dog houses.

35-1 (37) Three men rather too well-dressed to be farmers. One is holding a not very happy cow. The cow still has its horns. Another cow lies in the background.

38-1 (38) Three horse team with wool bales and three other horses. A man has just changed the horses over.

40-1 (39) A mother dog with several pups and a large bush building in the background with a man sitting on the front step. [This is the Glenlee mens' quarters].

41-1 (40) Two men sawing wood on a portable saw bench, its motor and fuel supply is clearly visible, in front of a corrugated iron clad house. Findlay The Chemist Blenheim is stamped on the back.

41-2 (41) View of a largish town built alongside a river back taken from the opposite bank. "Adairs" is on one of the buildings.

42-1 (42) Young man posing with his gun while sitting in front of his bush camp fireplace. This is a rabbiter's camp at Upcot (see record 2011.006.0022).

42-2 (43) Three men and what looks like a water race in front of a pumping station. This type of 'tripod' over top of a pump is similar to one built over the Waikakaho gold mine on the Collins farm in the 1950s.

43-1 (44) Some buildings are hidden in the trees in the background of this scene.

43-2 (45) Man on horseback on a very narrow mountain trail with a large waterfall in the background.

44-1 (46) Man on horseback in a paddock.

44-2 (47) Man on horseback on a tussocky hill with another horse [the photographer's?] grazing nearby.

45-1 (48) Large narrow pole [is it for electricity?] in the foreground and big shed in the background.

45-2 (49) Large flourishing garden.

46-1 (50) City, with a large port area [possibly Dunedin/Port Chalmers?] and several ships tied up. One building has "Austin" on its roof.

46-2 (51) A closer view of the port area and one ship.

47-1 (52) Professional photograph of "The Octagon, Dunedin".

47-2 (53) Professional photograph of "The Gardens, Dunedin".

48-1 (54) Professional photograph of "Soldiers Monument, Dunedin."

48-2 (55) Professional photograph of "Railway Station, Dunedin".

49-1 (56) Professional photograph of "Boys High School, Dunedin".

49-2 (57) Professional photograph of "Knox College, Dunedin".

50-1 (58) Professional photograph of "Corner Princes and High Streets, Dunedin".

50-2 (59) Professional photograph of "Otago University, Dunedin".

51-1 (60) Professional photograph of "George Street looking north, Dunedin".

51-2 (61) Professional photograph of "Ocean Beach, Dunedin".

52-1 (62) Professional photograph of "Rhododendron Dell, Botanical Gardens, Dunedin".

52-2 (63) Professional photograph of "St. Clair, Dunedin".
Object ID 2011.006.0002
Object Name Album, Photograph
People Stacey, Frederick Harry (Fred)
Dawler, Mrs.
Dawler, Dick
Title Fred Stacey Album
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