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White moulded ceramic horse's head with mid brown glass eyes. 5 October 2007 Ian Lyall confirmed this belongs to MHS. Head was grey, was painted white in 2006 and the left ear has been restored with leather and also been painted white in 2006. The bridle and bit, and the breastplate are catalogued separately. The neck rope on the horse's head is a replica made and owned by Ian Lyall (see loan L2010.008.0018). 9 July 2010, Ian Lyall, stables volunteer, says 54 years ago (c.1956) Newman's coaches in Nelson had horse heads like this on show along with their stage coach. Founders Park in Nelson also have some heads on display. Ian thinks he found this head in Tom's shed in Brayshaw Park about four years ago (c.2006). Horses in the Boer War. Between 1899 and 1902 the British side lost around 326,000 horses out of a total of about 494,000. This was overwhelmingly due to the harsh conditions that the horses were not used to, rather than enemy action. During World War 1, the combined tonnage of feed for horses, and mules, was more than the combined tonnage of ammunition and explosives fired! With the introduction of tanks, aeroplanes, and various forms of mechanisation during World War 1, the use of horses in war was coming to an end.
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