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Military saddle universal pattern 1911 Government stamped, with girth and surcingle. Fully mounted with a breast plate (being held up by Ian in image 2); 2 saddle wallets (image 3); a great coat and connecting straps (image 4); a greay bedroll and connecting straps (this belongs to MHS - image 5); 1 replica brown leather shoe case made by Ian [who owns the only real one and it's kept at his house] (image 6), 1 picket pin and1 heel rope (both in image 6); 1 water bottle (image 7); 2 lance stirrups (image 8, 1 hoof pick (at Ian's home, not photographed); and 1 saddle scabbard (image 9), with a replica wooden rifle butt in it made by Ian (not photographed). This saddle was used in the Marlborough at War display in 2006. 5 October 2007 Ian Lyall confirmed this belongs to MHS. However, on 28 July 2010, it was agreed by CE, Steve Austin, Registrar, Jenny Pierson, and Stables volunteer, Ian Lyall, that this saddle and all its accoutrements [except the bedroll] belongs to Ian and that the military saddle in catalogue record 1996.102.0001 and all its accoutrements, including the black leather replica horse shoe case made by Ian, two horse shoes and the horse shoe nails, belongs to MHS.
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