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Beavertown Fire Station: Ford V8 trailer pump, registration number 999 DN. It is a motor and pump and these vehicles were made during World War 2 for emergency services and distributed around the country. It pumps water from a water supply, or river, into hoses which are then used to put out the fire. The vehicle is being restored and the suction hoses were not attached when the photographs were taken. It can pump about 500 gallons of water per minute. Originally owned by the Blenheim Volunteer Fire Brigade, who had two of them, they sold this one to the Wairau Valley Volunteer Fire Brigade. To get it to a fire, it would be towed behind one of the fireman's vehicles. Images 1 to 4 show the vehicle during restoration. Images 5 to 10 and 16 to 18 show it after restoration. Images 11 to 15 are of the manual that goes with the vehicle.
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