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This month we have added the August-September 1957 articles and negatives.

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The Marlborough Express Negatives Archive

Click on the on-line exhibit you wish to view from the list below, or click this link for the only current exhibit: August-December 1957

Since August 1957 The Marlborough Express Newspaper Company Ltd, usually referred to as The Marlborough Express, has kept a near-complete archive of photographic negatives for every local photograph that was published in the newspaper of the day. While some negatives have suffered degradation over the years, the vast majority are in original condition. In a unique partnership between The Marlborough Express and Marlborough Historical Society, it is possible to make this archive publically accessible.

There are approximately 1000 negatives per year and this is largely a volunteer project by John Penney and Jenny Pierson, so it will take significant time to digitise the material and get it published on line. However all projects, no matter how large, start with a first step.

This on-line collection was created by working from the original newspaper article, which has been photographed and forms the basis of each on-line record. In most cases the text of the article has been re-typed into the on-line record, and in all cases the original article can be viewed on-line. However, in many cases the article is quite large and the text quickly becomes too small to read. In such cases if you save the large image of the article to your computer, then double-click on it, it should load in a photo viewer that will let you make it larger than the version you can see in the browser. Note that the photographs of the articles were only intended to be a source of the text forming the descriptions, so they are fairly 'rough'. It is possible to view the original newspapers by arrangement with The Marlborough Express. The date and page number is in each of the on-line records.

In most cases, the digitised positive image of the negative will be displayed alongside the article. If there is no image, it means we are missing the negative - which did happen frequently in the very early material. If you would like high quality prints of these images, where we have them, please note down the negative number for each image required and take that to the Marlborough Express in Blenheim who will be able to provide a high quality print of the material at their normal rates. Copyright in all high-resolution material remains with The Marlborough Express.

You will be able to locate material in this archive by using a search engine such as Google, or you can browse the various archives in the list below, or you can use the built-in search button within each archive. Note the latter works only within that archive - not the whole collection.

Click on the on-line exhibit you wish to view from the list below, it will open in a new window.

August-December 1957