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Image from Negative number 264, published Thursday November 21, 1957, page 13. New Field For Plastics. Spray irrigation on Mr. F. Moreland's property, Old Renwick Road, using perforated plastic hose. The use of plastic is an extension of the common garden plastic hose sprinkling system. Plastics are now being used in large scale spray irrigation. Plastic piping, a. larger version of the usual garden type, with holes punctured along its length instead of having separate sprinklers, is lighter than the conventional aluminium or galvanised piping, and is considerably cheaper. One of the first users in Marlborough is Mr. P. Moreland, of Old Renwick Road, who finds the system very satisfactory. Consisting of 2 inch plastic piping running out from the feeder main, also of 2 inch diameter, each line spray irrigates 10 feet on each side. The water is supplied from a 30 foot 3 inch bore, and a three horsepower motor can deliver up to 6000 gallons of water an hour. This quantity of water can irrigate an area nine chains Iong by 20 feet wide. The advantages of plastic irrigation piping include the smallness of the motor required, the light material used, no sprinklers being required; and an operating pressure of 17lb [pound] maximum. Other systems require up to 35lb [pound] pressure with a correspondingly stronger pump and motor. When the spray is turned off the pipe drains itself out, and collapses flat. It is easily rolled up and stored. Mr. Moreland uses 400 feet of piping to irrigate his pastures.
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