Marlborough Express Photographs From August 1957
Perfect In Every Detail All Lined Up But Nowhere To Go. Inspection Of Local Schools

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Copyright The Marlborough Express Newspaper Co. Ltd
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Collection Marlborough Express Negatives
Description Image from Negative number 252, published Saturday November 16, 1957, page 6.

Perfect In Every Detail. Mr. A H. Fittis working on the model locomotive which he has been building for the past three years. The model is yet to be lagged to reduce heat loss and will receive a nicely finished outer skin. An exact scale of the last English Britannia heavy hauling locomotive, perfect to the last nut and bolt, is at an advanced stage of construction in the workshop of Mr. A. H. Fittis, of Muller Road. Working about 10 hours on the model each week, he started it three years ago and expects that another 12 months will see it completed. Practically every part, with the exception of a pressure gauge, has been made with painstaking care by Mr. Fittis. Even many of the tiny screws were turned on his lathe. A few pieces, such as the wheels and cylinders, were cast by a local firm, but even these required hours of work finishing and polishing. The detail of the model is amazing. It has a fire-box with hinged door, which heats the water in the boiler, complete with tubes and reinforcing to resist pressure. The steam passes through a super-heater and then to the cylinders which drive the wheels. In the front of the locomotive is the door through which access is gained to the tubes for cleaning purposes, beautifully hinged and locked by the same system as in the real Britannia. So far the model has cost Mr. Fittis about 40 [$80] in materials, and a major part of this was the cost of having castings made. He is building it to scale plans and when the locomotive is finished it will be about five feet long, including tender, and will weigh about 112lb [pound]. Three years ago Mr. Fittis had no knowledge of lathe work. He was a member of the Marlborough Model Engineers Club but his interest in modelling had been non-active. He decided to make a model of his own and bought a lathe. Friends were of major help and before long he was turning out the first of hundreds of small pieces. Most of the work so far has been done on the lathe. A perfect working model, the locomotive will develop quite considerable power when completed. Mr. Fittis expects that it will tow up to 14 adults on a miniature railway.
Year Range from 1957
Object ID MEX0.900.0176
Object Name Negative, Photographic
People Fittis, A.H.
Place Marlborough
Studio The Marlborough Express Newspaper Co. Ltd
Title Perfect In Every Detail
All Lined Up But Nowhere To Go.
Inspection Of Local Schools
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