Marlborough Express Photographs From August 1957
Suggested Design For Coat Of Arm Inspection Of Local Schools

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Collection Marlborough Express Negatives
Description Image from Negative numbers 248, 248-2 & 248-3, published Thursday November 14, 1957, page 6.

Suggested Design For Coat Of Arm. The Coat of Arms design shown below was submitted to the Blenheim Borough Council by the College of Arms. At a special meeting the Council approved the basic design but felt that reference to trade and commerce and Blenheim's sunshine record should be incorporated. The matter will be further discussed at the Council's next meeting. Accompanying the design was a letter of description from Dr. M. N. Watt, who is acting as liaison between the Council and the College of Arms. He said that the design combined the history and present activities of Blenheim and departed from the hackneyed designs common in New Zealand. In the shield the cornucopia and its contents are meant to symbolise the various kinds of produce for which the town was well known, while the background of waves symbolised the export of these. In the upper part of the shield the three gold plates, or bezants, charged with escallop shells, intended to refer to the founder of Blenheim, James Sinclair, merchant and trader. The escallop was the emblem of St. James and the bezants referred to trade. In the crest the beaver alluded to the original name of Blenheim and the banner was of the pattern which the Duke of Marlborough rendered annually to the Queen as rent for the estate of Blenheim in Oxfordshire. Dr. Watt said the design lacked the 'helm and mantling' which would be included in the representation of the Arms in the Letters Patent. In these there was allowed a considerable degree of artistic licence, so long as the helm was that of an esquire and the mantling was in the correct colours, in this case blue lined with silver.
Year Range from 1957
Object ID MEX0.900.0170
Object Name Negative, Photographic
People Watt, M.N. Dr.
Place Marlborough
Studio The Marlborough Express Newspaper Co. Ltd
Title Suggested Design For Coat Of Arm
Inspection Of Local Schools
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