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Image from Negative number 153, published in The Marlborough Express Friday, October 11, 1957, page 6. More Vandalism. This 10-12 year-old tree fern spread its fronds to a height of 10 feet, setting off one of the pretty corners beside the stream in Pollard Park - until Saturday night, when vandals added it to their score of senseless damage. A sturdy young fern, it was broken off about a foot from the ground. It was the only tree fern in Pollard Park, the variety being difficult to grow away from the shelter of natural bush. Mr G.C. Woolley, head gardener at the Park, is seen holding the fern. The damage was just another in a series of acts of vandalism which he has discovered at the Park in recent months. The matter has been referred to the Police.
More Vandalism. More Vandalism Bringing Power From The Far South -Marlborough Express Photographs From August 1957 -Copyright The Marlborough Express Newspaper Co. Ltd

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