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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
HM00.800.0003 Bellows        
HM00.800.0004 Nail        
HM00.800.0005 Pliers        
HM00.800.0006 Pliers        
HM00.800.0007 Pliers        
HM00.800.0008 Pliers        
HM00.800.0009 Pliers        
HM00.800.0010 Pliers        
HM00.800.0011 Pliers        
HM00.800.0012 Axe        
HM00.800.0013 Pliers        
HM00.800.0014 Pliers        
HM00.800.0015 Pliers        
HM00.800.0016 Tool, Bolt Head-making        
HM00.800.0017 Tool, Bolt Head-making        
HM00.800.0018 Tool, Bolt Head-making        
HM00.800.0019 Tool, Bolt Head-making        
HM00.800.0020 Box        
HM00.800.0021 Horseshoe        
HM00.800.0022 Nail, Horseshoe        
HM00.900.0001 Photograph Under the spreading chestnut tree   Okaramio 1927
HM00.900.0002 Photograph The village blacksmith under the spreading chestnut tree Powell, G. Okaramio 1926
HM00.900.0003 Photograph Phil Green and horses outside Newman's stable   Okaramio  
HM00.900.0004 Photograph Horses at Havelock races Akersten, James Raglan Havelock  
HM00.900.0005 Photograph Mr. Higgins and his prize clydesdale horse      
HM00.900.0006 Photograph Forge at Havelock Museum Oldfield, Brenda Havelock 2010
HM00.900.0007 Photograph Blacksmith Shop at Havelock 2010 Oldfield, Brenda Havelock 2010
HM00.900.0008 Photograph Blacksmithing Tools Oldfield, Brenda Havelock 2010
HM00.900.0009 Photograph Blacksmithing Tools Oldfield, Brenda Havelock 2010
HM00.900.0010 Photograph Blacksmithing Tools Oldfield, Brenda Havelock 2010

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