Red Shed Sorted by Id#
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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
FSA0.800.0008 Post, Fence        
FSA0.800.0009 Post, Fence        
FSA0.800.0010 Post, Fence        
FSA0.800.0059 Drill, Seed        
FSA0.800.0060 Drill, Seed        
FSA0.800.0127 Harrow, Spike-tooth        
FSA0.800.0139 Saddle, Pack       1930s
FSA0.800.0167 Hame        
FSA0.800.0168 Chain        
FSA0.800.0169 Collar, Horse        
FSA0.800.0204 Press, Wool        
FSA0.800.0205 Slicer, Meat       1950s
FSA0.800.0206 Stepladder        
FSA0.800.0207 Stove, Alcohol        
FSA0.800.0208 Separator, Cream        
FSA0.800.0209 Gate       1900s
FSA0.800.0210 Stove, Wood       1900s
FSA0.800.0211 Jack, Hoisting       1900s
FSA0.800.0212 Machine, Washing       1935
FSA0.800.0213 Plough, Breaking        
FSA0.800.0214 Digger, Post-hole       1940
FSA0.800.0215 Pump, Water        
FSA2009.001.0001 Shed       1850s

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