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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
EFS0.800.0001 Lid, Jar       1860s
EFS0.800.0002 Lid, Jar       1860s
EFS0.800.0003 Lid, Jar       1860s
EFS0.800.0004 Turnbuckle        
EFS0.800.0005 Toothbrush        
EFS0.800.0006 Button Stick        
EFS0.800.0007 Inkbottle       1850s
EFS0.800.0008 Tray, Flatware       pre 1901
EFS0.800.0009 Plane        
EFS0.800.0010 Spokeshave        
EFS0.800.0011 Pin, Belaying        
EFS0.800.0012 Pin, Belaying        
EFS0.800.0013 Glass Fragment        
EFS0.800.0014 Bottle        
EFS0.800.0015 Glass Fragment       c.1870s
EFS0.800.0016 Bottle       c.1870s
EFS0.800.0017 Bottle       c.1870s
EFS0.800.0018 Bottle       c.1870s
EFS0.800.0019 Bottle       c.1870s
EFS0.800.0020 Saw        
EFS0.800.0021 Wood        
EFS0.800.0022 Rivet        
EFS0.800.0023 Rivet        
EFS0.800.0024 Rivet        
EFS0.800.0025 Rivet        
EFS0.800.0026 Rivet        
EFS0.800.0027 Rivet        
EFS0.800.0028 Rivet        
EFS0.800.0029 Rivet        
EFS0.800.0030 Block, Rigging        
EFS0.800.0031 Wheel, Steering        
EFS0.800.0032 Painting        
EFS0.800.0033 Bottle        
EFS0.800.0034 Pipe        
EFS0.800.0035 Pipe        
EFS0.800.0036 Painting        
EFS0.800.0037 Vase        
EFS0.800.0038 Vase        
EFS0.800.0039 Spoon        
EFS0.800.0040 Mug        
EFS0.800.0041 Inkbottle        
EFS0.800.0042 Pipe        
EFS0.800.0043 Shard        
EFS0.800.0044 Cup        
EFS0.800.0045 Wood        
EFS0.800.0046 Compass        
EFS0.800.0047 Ship, Model        
EFS0.800.0048 Spike       1853
EFS0.800.0049 Pulley       1853
EFS1989.001.0001 Sextant       1800s
EFS1989.001.0002 Log       1800s
EFS1990.001.0001 Inkwell       1892
EFS1990.002.0002 Wood        
EFS1991.001.0001 Adze        
EFS1991.001.0002 Screwdriver        
EFS1991.002.0001 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0002 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0003 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0004 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0005 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0006 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0007 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0008 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0009 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0010 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0011 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0012 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0013 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0014 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0015 Flag        
EFS1991.002.0016 Flag        
EFS1991.003.0001 Certificate, Discharge       1868
EFS1991.004.0001 Adze        
EFS1991.004.0002 Mallet, Caulking        
EFS1991.004.0003 Tool, Caulking        
EFS1991.004.0004 Tool, Caulking        
EFS1993.001.0001 Chest, Sea        
EFS1994.001.0001 Tobacco, Chewing        
EFS1995.001.0001 Ball, Bowling       1961
EFS1997.001.0001 Bottle        
EFS1999.001.0001 Bowl        
EFS1999.001.0002 Cover, Drain        
EFS2000.001.0001 Desk       c.1860
EFS2000.002.0001 Sondograph        
EFS2000.003.0001 Chest        
EFS2000.004.0001 Adze        
EFS2000.005.0001 Painting        
EFS2001.001.0001 Compass        
EFS2001.002.0001 Log        
EFS2001.002.0002 Recorder, Sound        
EFS2003.001.0001 Ship, Model       2003
EFS2004.001.0001 Bone, Bird       1880
EFS2004.002.0001 Picture        
EFS2009.001.0001 Painting Edwin Fox off Tory Channel Jackson, Gainor    
EFS2009.002.0001 Engraving        
EFS2010.001.0001 Bedspread        
EFSL1989.001.0001 Inkwell       1928
EFSL1989.002.0001 Anchor        
EFSL1989.002.0002 Mallet, Shipwright's        
EFSL1989.002.0003 Gouge        
EFSL1989.002.0004 Tool, Caulking        
EFSL1990.002.0001 Block, Rigging        
EFSL1990.002.0002 Block, Rigging        
EFSL1990.002.0003 Block, Rigging        
EFSL1990.002.0004 Block, Rigging        
EFSL1990.002.0005 Block, Rigging        
EFSL1990.002.0006 Saw, Pit        
EFSL1991.001.0001 Trunk       pre 1879
EFSL1991.002.0001 Tooth       c.1890
EFSL2001.001.0001 Compass        
EFSL2007.001.0001 Painting Edwin Fox full rigged Eurich, Richard   late 1950s
EFSL2008.001.0001 Book Emily White Bible     1864

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