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One "Cherub" ship's log in the original box. "Walker's 'Cherub' Ship's log, trademark [picture of an anchor], Birmingham, England, written on the box. "Made by Thomas Walker & Son Limited, Birmingham, England", written on the dial. [A Patent Log is a propeller drawn through the water that operates a meter on the boat registering the speed and distance sailed, also called a Taffrail Log. [Source:]. In a letter from Donald Tait to the Edwin Fox Preservation Society, dated 11 July 2001, Mr. Tait writes, "I have spoken to Mrs. Molly Haraldsen, the widow of Sam Haraldsen, .......There is also a Ships Trailing Log still in its original box (dial, flex cable etc.)." Mike Sextus replies, 18 July 2001, "The Ships Trailing Log is quite unique and we would also be happy to have it in our safe keeping for the public to see." Mike Sextus then writes to Doug Castles of Williams & Kettle Limited in Hastings, 18 July 2001, "The Ship's Trailing Log, if Mr. Tait can secure it would be quite valuable so all I can suggest is that you send it down well packed and separate to the other items (Courier?)." Donald Tait then writes to Mike Sextus, 9 September 2001, "Thanks for your letter confirming the arrival of the Ships Log etc." In 2011, when taking photographs of this object, it seemed that some things were missing from the box. Pssibly parts have been removed and put with the objects in the Australian cabinet upstairs with the other ship's log from donation EFS1989.001.0002. There was an unknown brass object in the box (see images 3-6). Etched on it was 3221. It has a highly geared mechanism inside it. It is probably not part of the ship's log, but neither does it appear to be the depth recorder which came with this donation but was not found.
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