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Price locomotive, 6.5 tonne. 6 cylinder Leyland diesel engine (the green locomotive in image 1). Built by A. & G. Price in Thames, New Zealand in 1951. Used by State Coal at Ohai coal mines in Southland. H. Horrell of Gore was an earthmoving contractor at Ohai mine and he rescued the engine when it was no longer required by State Coal. Blenheim Riverside Railway Society [BRRS] purchased the locomotive from H. Horrell in 1986 and it has been used by BRRS to pull trains since 1987. It was rebuilt in 2010 with a modern Isuzu diesel engine and named GEORGE. The late George Walker, BRRS track inspector, amongst many other things, spent time and money helping to restore this engine and in 2010, the 25th anniversary of the BRRS, it was decided to name the engine GEORGE in his memory.
Locomotive -Blenheim Riverside Railway Society -Copyright Blenheim Riverside Railway Society

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